A policy of sensible and suitable school dress has been strongly supported by the community for many years.

Children will be expected to wear the school dress described below.







Navy blue long-sleeved sweatshirt, plain or with Plover logo


Navy blue long-sleeved sweatshirt, plain or with Plover logo




Black/Dark Grey trousers or tailored shorts



Black skirt, trousers or tailored shorts





Light blue polo shirt, plain or with Plover logo



Light blue polo shirt, plain or with Plover logo





Black shoes / trainers, plain with no bright decoration


Black low heeled shoes / trainers, plain with no bright decoration




Wellington Boots (Foundation Stage only)+ Waterproof clothing                                                                        


Wellington Boots (Foundation Stage only)+ Waterproof clothing                                                                          






Blue/White gingham check or narrow stripe dress



Boys and girls must wear smart trousers or shorts and not denims, cords, combat trousers or other leisure clothing.

Please name all school wear with permanent identification as this makes it easier to find lost items of uniform, especially sweaters and cardigans.

School is able to obtain very good quality, machine washable navy blue crew necked sweatshirts, cardigans and Polo shirts embroidered with the Plover Logo on the left hand side. Prices are very competitive and we usually have a sample of the sweatshirt at school for inspection. School will deal with any orders, accompanied by payment, should you decide to place one. When worn at school these garments will be regarded as a proper part of school dress.

Current prices are –

Sweatshirts - all sizes £9

Cardigans - all sizes £10

Waterproofs - all sizes £14

Polo-shirts - all size £7.00



Outdoor Clothing & Footwear

Children in Foundation Stage go outside to play in all weather conditions and they will need to have a pair of Wellington Boots and full Waterproofs, which will stay in school. Please mark your child’s clothes and boots with their name.

Footwear worn for school must be appropriate and safe. Plain black flat, sensible school shoes or trainers are ideal, with no bright decoration. High heels, wedges, open sandals or flip flops must not be worn.

Dress for Physical Education

Physical Education for pupils is a legal requirement through the National Curriculum.

Sometimes there are problems for some children because they forget to bring the proper clothing for PE with them to school on the days when there is a lesson either indoors or on the field. If it becomes a persistent problem we will let you know and ask for your help.

The children should have:

For indoors:       plimsolls, navy blue shorts, plain white PE t-shirt

For outdoors:     sports footwear, plain white PE t-shirt & tracksuit for the winter months


The Headteacher and Board of Governors ask that the children do not wear earrings, finger rings or other personal decoration at school. There is a risk of injury to children when they are physically active, especially at break times.  Valuable items tend to be lost and we cannot give time to searching for them. This statement does not apply to recognised religious jewellery.

Children must not wear earrings of any description. If you wish your children to have pierced ears please arrange this to be done at the beginning of the Summer holidays.